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Since 1979, the Andrew Thompson Company has strived to make its mark as a company that provides unique solutions to our customers' problems. We also do what we say we will do. Never has it been our goal to be big, and in this age, that probably makes us a little old fashioned. If so, that's OK, because to us, old fashioned means caring about our customers, working with them to help them reach their goals, providing superior service, and conducting our business in an ethical manner. While some may call that corny, we call it our way of doing business.

Companies and organizations need apparel and accessories featuring their logo and name for a wide variety of uses. Our goal is to work with you to find just the right way to reach your group's objectives, on-time, and within your budget. So, whether you are planning an important company event, thanking some of your customers for their business, or looking for a special way to reward your employees, we'd like to be helpful to you. Our job is to make you look good, and when we do that correctly, we all come out ahead.

The products in this website represent the most popular and widely-used corporate identity items. They are of high quality, and we are confident that you will be proud to combine them with your name and logo, beautifully decorated through embroidery, embossing, and screen printing.

From the real, live humans who answer our phones to our post-delivery service and follow-up (and the fun we try to have in-between), you will see that Andrew Thompson is different. We're not out simply to sell you a shirt (or a jacket or a hat or any of the other fine goods in this catalog), because that is a short-lived goal. Instead, we want to cultivate a working relationship that is beneficial for both of us for a long time to come.

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