"Flour Child" by Tara Moore

About Labrador Retrievers

Labs symbolize our purpose - they are active and fun, determinedly gregarious and totally wholesome. They can be counted on to get into a little trouble (my Sarah says a lot!) and they give and want incredible amounts of affection. That sort of sums up our lifestyle. Hopefully a Black Lab can represent some of the nice things about your life also.

Tara Moore

Tara Moore is one of America's important wildlife artists. Her commitment to a meaningful lifestyle is expressed through her efforts to aid various environmental and wildlife projects, her far-reaching efforts to study her subjects - from elephants to polar bears - in their natural habitat and her home on the rolling Maryland countryside with her husband and two black Labradors.

Tara is famous for her paintings of Lab puppies.Always caught by the artist in a moment of first experience - either exploration or mischief - Tara's Lab prints are an item for a dog lover or a serious collector.

We are very pleased that Andrew Thompson can offer a Tara Moore print - "Flour Child". From his eyes we get the feeling this little guy would much rather be a butcher, or even a candlestick- maker! And how is he going to leave the scene of the misdemeanor without leaving clues as to who did it and where's he gone? Each print is signed and numbered in a limited edition of 800. Unframed print size is 20' x 22".

"Flour Child" .........$65.00 each
(includes shipping)

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